About Us

Introduction To HINDASA.

Hindasa is the acronym encapsulating the ethos of its membership. Dasa in Sanskrit means servant. Hence, we pledge to be the servants of Hindu Dharma at all times. A Hindu is that person who seeks to follow the teachings of the Vedas and literatures in pursuance of the Vedic version or Sanathan Dharma. Hindu Dharma is synonymous with Sanathan Dharma or Hinduism. Hindasa incorporates the aspirations of HINDASA 2020 which is build Hindu Unity. Hindasa is a voluntary based organisation that will strive for Hindu Unity and Hindu Support across different organisations.

Our Inspiration and Spiritual Elders

The Organisation has the blessing of the Saints and Sages of India and South Africa. They remain our beacon light to guide and support the Dharmic Activities in serving Hindus and Sanathan Dharma. This is in keeping with Sanathan Dharma and Guru Paramapara and Guru Shishya System of promoting Sanathan Dharma. We urge all our executive members to invite the blessings and support of any other organisation to which you may be affiliated.


The purpose is borne out of identifying the needs and challenges facing Hindus in SA. The overarching goal is broad based unity. This means the uniting of every Hindu and every Hindu organisation using HINDASA a special purpose vehicle.


The overarching Goal of HINDASA is Hindu Unity and we agree that such unity has not been hitherto possible despite various valiant efforts by highly qualified individuals have met with at best limited success. Such models were based on philosophical, cultural, linguistic, ritualistic and geographical considerations.

HINDASA proposes to achieve unity based on a mutually beneficial economic model. We aim to enhance the capacity and functionality of every Hindu and every Hindu organisation. Hindasa has zero aspirations to take over any organisation. On the contrary, Hindasa welcomes the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue and be an advocacy group. We seek to create the image of being a friend to all Hindus irrespective of cast, creed, educational status, financial standing, religious affiliations or lack thereof. Our core values include respect, integrity and the values of Sanathan Dharma.

Pursuit of this lofty ideal, upon which the survival and promotion of Sanathan Dharma demands a high level of restraint and tolerance from every representative of HINDASA not to engage in public spats on issues identified. These only serve to alienate and do more harm than good. HINDASA will work on strategies that will be used to address the concerns of Hindus. It will be definitive and action will be resilient. Our own think tanks and advocacy groups will speak as one voice for Hindus.

An example of such a strategy recognises temples as substantial building blocks of unity and aims to address their economic and managerial shortcomings as well as the needs of their congregation