28 September 2020		
Thiru. K. Sachithananthan,
Maravanpulavu, Chavakachcheri, Sri Lanka
Namaste, Namaskaram and Vanakum,
Re: Stop Slaughter of Cows, Bulls and Calves in Sri Lanka through Legislation
Our Hindu Scriptures are emphatic about the Protection of Gau Mata or Cow Protection. We appeal to the Sri Lankan People of Sri Lanka and the Honourable President of Sri Lanka H.E. Gotabaya Rajapaksa and the Honourable Prime Minister of Sri Lanka H.E. Mahinda Rajapaksa to legislate against the Halaal phenomenon. We are aware of the substantive amount of the proceeds of Halaalism going towards sponsoring Jihadism.
As Hindus we support the Government of Sri Lanka for the following reasons.
The killing of Cows and Bulls is Adharmic and sinful and has multiple consequences. For instance, Maharishi Dayanand Saraswati, a great Vedic Scholar of this millennium had written a book named Go Karunanidhi in which he had shown the importance of cows from the spiritual, economic and environmental point of views. He  emphasized the importance of Cow Protection and had quoted various shlokas from the Vedas which condemn the slaughtering of cows.
1.	Protect the cattle’s or animals. (Yajurveda 1.1)
2.	Kill not man nor any being with life. (Yajurveda 3.91)
3.	Kill not the subjects. (Yajurveda 12.32)
4.	Oh men! Protect or guard the cattle. (Yajurveda 6.11)
5.	Protect the bipeds and quadrupeds. (Yajurveda 14.8)
6.	Kill not the cows. (Yajurveda 13.43)
7.	O sagacious king! Don't harm this bull, the giver of thousands of comforts, the source of immense milk and worthy of protection. Harm not the God's creation, the cow, the giver of milk for mankind and of innocent nature. (Yajurveda 13.49)
8.	Beyond all measure is the cow and there is no limit to the benefits she confers upon humanity. (Yajurveda 23.48)
9.	Kill not the animals, the bipeds. (Yajurveda 13.47) Dayanand says in his commentary "Let no one kill animals that are useful to all but protect them and make use of them to make all happy. But the wild animals who injurious to the animals and to the cultivation of the villages and their inhabitants may be killed or driven away by the ruler."
10.	O ruler! You have received education, do not kill two footed beings like men, nor birds nor four footed beings like cows or other animals. In giving the object of the hymn Dayanand says 'O ruler! You should punish those wicked people who kill sheep, camels and other animals which are all useful to men." (Yajurveda 13.50)

With Prem and Om
Pradeep Ramlall
Secretary General 
Hindu Dharma Association of South Africa