1. 1. Addressing poverty & unemployment

    • Hindasa recognises that the current government's affirmative action policies severely curtail the opportunities for jobs amongst Hindus and generally prejudices their promotion in current jobs
    • Unless Hindus stand up to create gainful opportunities for Hindus, it is highly unlikely anyone else would without any form of exploitation.
    • Many deserving students are side-lined for governmental support like NSFAS and are in desperate need of financial assistance
    • Many Hindu Families are struggling with basic necessities like food, shelter, rent and municipal charges.
  2. 2. Overwhelming urgent case for an Anti-Conversion Task Force

    • Hardly a generation (35yrs) ago Hindus numbered some 900 000 in SA. The 2016 census shows this number at under 500 000. The expected number after some 30 years barring any interference from other hostile religious groups should have been around 1,800 000. This translates to an alarming attrition rate of around 70 %. Unless Hindus unite en-masse in the next 30 years we will cease to exist in SA and be dominated by other religions.
    • Currently Muslims outnumber Hindus with is ratio of 3:1
    • Relevance of major Hindu festivals like Diwali and Janmashtami are being undermined with Hindus and students being forced to either work or write exams
    • Amongst those most at risk are the poor, the uneducated, the sick, those experiencing bereavement and those disillusioned by priests, dogma, rituals and inconsistent responses
    • Confused leadership and silent leadership at times of crises, further fans the flames. Hence the need for one voice for the entire community
    • Apathy, ignorance and egoism are the main internal obstacles to implementation of any strategy.
    • Workshops and deliberations with learned Hindus Preachers, Swami’s and Scholars to create enlighten, motivation and direction to prevent conversions, to welcome and reconvert back to Hinduism, and to transform Society the most glorious, complete, informed and eternal path of Sanathan Dharma. Our motto is (dharmo rakshati rakshitah) – Dharma protects those who protect Dharma.
  3. 3. Social cohesion

    • Drug abuse is serious cause for concern. Leads to dysfunctional families and exacerbates any existing dysfunctionality. Fuels prostitution and almost every other social imaginable
    • Spousal and child abuse.
    • Other challenges like the plight of the aged, partially-abled, orphans, youth and persons living alone