Why Most of the Mainstream Media is Anti India and Anti Government. The advent of Cable TV or Satellite revolution in India during the first Gulf War was during the Presidency of George Bush Senior. CNN experimented with live coverage of the Gulf War in Five-Star hotels in Delhi which attracted the so-called elite people in India. Subsequently, a Media War started in India to buy space in the only available satellite over Indian Sky which could broadcast live, both foreign and Indian private Channels. The STAR Satellite owned by Hong Kong businessman Li Ka Sing gave five channels a positive reply and those were MTV, BBC World, STAR, Home TV, and Subhash Chandra's Zee News. Within a couple of years there were almost 50 channels which doubled up in the next 2 years and by the year 2000 there were 500 channels which went up to 1500 by 2010. The time between 1995-2000 saw the invasion of Indian Sky, Bubble burst on News which paved way for killing the Indian Culture, Tradition and Nationalist feeling and a blind Corporate race on Media which on one hand created many small-town stars on Television earning 1-10 lac rupees per month and on another hand it overthrew Journalistic ethos and control over media giving control to new corporate designations like CEO, COO, Managing Director, News Director, Corporate Head with a salary of 1 crore to 5 crores per month. People like Peter Mukherjea, Uday Shankar, Sanjay Pugalia, Indrani Mukharjee,Rajat Sharma, Rakesh Khar, Prabhat Dabral, Rajdeep Sardesai, Sagarika Ghose, Vikram Chandra, Prannoy Roy, Shekhar Gupta, Ramesh Menon, Barkha Dutt, Qamar Wahid Naqvi who took all credit of Late S.P. Singh the founder father of Aaj Tak, Shaji Zaman a morally corrupt Journalist & Writer who writes some where in his story that to feel a guest females body heat, he used to sit on her chairs for hours. She has left and is now News Director of PTI. Farhat Bashir Khan an illicit Photography Professor of Jamia who himself and whose Ph.D. Students are involved in illicit photography of females and 100s of more became power broker between 1995-2014 who not only worked as pressure groups, power broker in political circle but also killed very base of real Journalism which was the flavor of Indianness and killed career up many Journalists who have come small town with hype to be a Journalist like those to whom they idealized in their books. This one to five crore salary bracket group acted less like protectors of Journalism but like those working in IT and Corporate firms, other than this they took undue advantage of being called a corporate media person and made big money by playing in hands of their political bosses mostly in ruling gov. This helped, though many will not agree with me, a massive graveyard of Indian way of Journalism. Their way of Journalism was Corporate take over of Journalism in India heavily influences with Western way and that allowed a lot of corruption in Indian Media specially in TV News. Now, that bubble has burst since Narendra Modi came into power. These people are now unable to form a group and have become Anti Modi and Anti National as their huge source of income now does not come from Corporate Journalism but by acting as a middleman of Anti National forces and Agencies. Their Journalism which was a non-existent Corporate Journalism is dead. They all need to be investigated and put behind bars for the ill deeds they committed in past. Prof (Dr) Ratnesh Dwivedi Award-winning Academic/NASA Certified Educator/Interdisciplinary Scientist/Awarded Sec, Intel & Def Expert/Peace Prize Winner